Saturday, July 7, 2007

A Video from Microsoft

This Microsoft promotional video for their "Soapbox" YouTube clone platform was an example shared by Chris Dede at the "online learning institute" to emphasize the multi-tasking collaborative world our students will need to be able to navigate if they are to enjoy success in the multiple careers they are predicted to take on. Sit back, watch carefully, and form your own opinion about what you see.

Video: The Devil wears prada .. and does Unified Comms!

Dede stated in his Keynote address at that institute that (paraphrased), a generation from now there will only be two skills our students will need to to have mastered in order to have a successful professional life. They are: 1) expert decision making (what does your skilled auto mechanic do when all the diagnostics say that your car is working but it isn't), and 2) complex communication skills--the ability to make meaning out of complexity."

We will talk.

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