Friday, July 27, 2007

Day 5--We Done It!

Wow, the last hour and a half of this week was enlightening for me, not to mention completely gratifying. See the wiki's "Report-Out" pages for a hint of it, but the informal sharing of reflection from the week was just the right thing. Yes, I have video: No, it's not ready to share yet.

The morning work with Gcast, Google Documents, and VoiceThread was fascinating and fun. I'm so glad that we didn't get into VoiceThread until the last day, because Joel and Sarah might not have gotten anything else done!

Right around 10 'til 2 we closed by (re)viewing"The Machine is Us," (YouTube link--won't work in school; view from home) the fabulous video by Mike Wesch, Cultural Anthropologist at the University of Kansas. My own closing comment: "I guess that says pretty much all we need to say."

It is my hope that the work begun here will "seed" interest amongst these fine folks's colleagues. It's really not that hard to look at some of these wonderful tools and see how they can facilitate collaboration and actually reduce the drag of the giant "T," Time, on our lives and our professional work.

Thank you, Vince Durnan, for encouraging me to make this happen.

Thank you , Steve Robins, Jeff Greenfield, and Susan Touchstone, USN division heads, for allowing me to solicit participation and for committing professional development funds for the week of work. I think we're onto something.

Thank you, David Warlick, Steve Hargadon, Peggy Sheehy, and Jeremy Koester for sharing your time with us. We know you're busy and we greatly appreciate your talking with us over Skype.

Thank you Wiz, Kathy Weiczerza, for the week-long assist. I always value your "read" on whatever technology I'm exploring and sharing. You help me identify the possible within the potential.

Finally, thank you to family members who released us from other commitments to be together for this week. I know that it's never the best time to let our needed loved ones go off to explore and to have fun: It really was hard work, too...

Move on in peace and collaboration.


Joel B. said...

Thanks for putting this together for us, Scott! Great job.

jinky32 said...

hi. seeing as Netvibes seemed to be so popular I thought you might be interested in this it's some free educational material from The Open University UK (creative commons) made available via Netvibes