Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Day in the Life of Web 2.0

Hey folks, up early docenting at the ISTE Headquarters in Second Life. It's quiet so I'm working in another window to prepare for our workshop. While compiling resources, I came across one you might want to read (or listen to--there's a podcast link at the page!) before we begin. From October 2006, it's my friend David Warlick's narrative "A Day in the life of Web 2.0." I think you'll find it compelling: It certainly gave me pause when I read it when David originally shared it...

I want to emphasize that this week will be the time for all of us to explore and experience as much of what Web 2.0 has to offer us as possible. I'm hoping that my design for the week will let you walk away from it feeling informed, empowered, and enabled (in good ways). Some of us will take baby steps, some will run like the wind, but all of us should gain from our week together.

Don't forget to begin digging in to the assignments on the prior blogpost (below!).

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