Thursday, June 28, 2007

First Assignments! Complete by June 23! Smile While You Work!

I'm in a fantastic presentation at the Atlanta "online learning institute," a one day meeting tagged onto NECC2007; and I'm learning some things you need to see prior to the workshop. I'm blogging extensively from this conference, real time, after doing so from NECC--both at my personal blog and at the one I split off into Second Life educational shareshare.
Here are your current assignments, for those of you who want to go ahead and get started. Should I add something here I'll pop out an email to alert you.

1) Revisit that video I sent in email. If you haven't, or if you trashed the email, Here's the url for the YouTube video (you'll need to be at home: I'll get YouTube unblocked at school for the week of the workshop).

2) Check out Kathy Schrock's Web 2.o presentation resources page. This was shared real time with 3,000 teachers the other day at NECC. Look at her list of 2.0 applications. Sheesh, no wonder we need a week to explore...

3) Look at another video, this time one that you can use at school (WHAT ARE YOU DOING AT SCHOOL, ANYWAY?!!!) Wiki's in Plain English. Be prepared to laugh. Also begin to stretch your brain a bit to consider how you might use this tool not only with your students but with your teammates and friends.
4) Click "Comments" below and add a comment sharing your responses to these assignments. Smile while you're doing it. Be kind. Don't stress.

I'm going to have so much to point you to, and you're going to find so much more, that I want you to to start to think of this workshop as only a very, very tiny beginning. Begin at will.

Oh, in the discussion here at the "online learning institute" which followed Chris O'Neal's fabulous Web 2.0 Tools I shared a sucker-slap moment about my fourth grade teams' concern at sending home four sheets of paper to 18 households 36 weeks a year (also shared by the School Renewal Sustainability committee) I'm going to show ya'll a tool you'll want to use. You'll have to guess for now which one it is :)
Chris O'Neal has committed to Skyping with us during our week together. You'll enjoy meeting him and I'm sure he'll enjoy meeting you! I also have a commitment from Steve Hargadon, creater of the Classroom 2.0 professional community to chat with us and at least one other excellent potential expert. Kathy Schrock said that she'd be able to chat with us until I gave her the dates and she realized she'd be in "Adobe Boot Camp" that week--very intensive training in Adobe beta software toward reviewing it. There will be others: I'm working on a couple more "power mavens."

Cheers, and more later. Much, much more...

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Hey, ya'll.

This is just a simple welcome post. More later.