Monday, July 23, 2007

Day 1--Successful Entry into the 2.0osphere

Wow, tired but happy, I want to recap some of today's progress. For more information, check the Report-Out pages in the wiki (see sidebar!).

First and foremost, I want to thank my friend David Warlick for braving Skype video to come into the Middle School computer lab at USN to spend an hour presenting a stellar (if limited by time, and so truncated) version of his very well thought-out presentation on Web 2.0 and Literacy. See his post with all the details, including links to the PowerPoint and the "Twitteresque" chatroom record as well as many other Web 2.0 resource links. This man is the real deal, ya'll; and if you don't know that, just visit David's blog and his podcast, both linked from the URL just shared. Click the pic above to view a brief video.

That was at the end of our day. The day started with the PowerPoint I put together, outlining some basic concepts and history, some tools and some definitions, and ending with a good long foray into our wiki. Gratifyingly, exactly what I thought would happen began to happen: Teachers and administrators got excited, added links to the wiki, created their own Report-Out pages, started populating those, and began multi-tasking much like the digital natives it is increasingly their duty to educate. I'm going to delete my own Report-Out page, deferring to those of the hard-working attendees, and consider this blog my effort to keep up with the dizzying pace we are beginning to set. We haven't set our stride, yet, ya'll, but I'd wager we will by the end of the day tomorrow, when we'll begin with blogs (setting up our own, fiddling with settings, commenting on others') and continue explorations. During the day, I'll be sharing podcasts and some action in Second Life, the MUVE leading platform of the moment.

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